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Wish Bryan Greenberg a Happy Birthday [5.22.07(12:36pm)]

Myself and Anika of http://bryan-greenberg.com & http://bryangreenberg.de are working on a Birthday Project We would really love it if you all would submitt somerthing. Either use the form on the site or just leave a comment here and I will get it added. If you comment here (which is easiest :D) please leave a first name also)

Please guys I know it would mean a lot to Bryan :)


[ mood | happy ]

New Bryan Photo's From his show October Road

click hereCollapse )


New pics! [7.31.06(8:09pm)]

[ mood | happy ]

New Bryan pics!

Dodgers gameCollapse )

Thanks to octoberagain for finding these!
Movieline outtakesCollapse )


NEW pics! [7.18.06(6:51pm)]

[ mood | hyper ]

This is a pretty image heavy post. So dial up users need beware :)

Hilarie was at The CW 2006 Summer TCA Party and we got gorgeous new pics! a big big thanks To Jill from HB.com for getting those gorgeous pics!

New Hil picCollapse )

and we Also have a new Bryan outtakes from the pink shirt photoshhot we all know love. Big big thanks to brokenroads for finding those!
Bryan outtakesCollapse )

Enjoy ;)


News [7.04.06(4:44pm)]

[ mood | busy ]

Just some news probably everyone knows by now.

For those of you in the South, look for Our Very Own to be the Opening Night Gala film at the 2006 Rome (Georgia) International Film Festival, to be held sometime in September.
From HBO

Pic of Hilarie on the Normal Adolescent Behavior set as Ryan.
HERECollapse )

Pictures of Bryan from the Opening of Ghost Bar in 'W' Hotel at Victory Project - June 29, 2006
HERECollapse )

Latest blog
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New tour dates
Fri Aug 25 - Searcy Arkansas
Sat Sept 9 - Dallas TX
Fri Oct 20 8PM - Staten Island NY



[ mood | bored ]

Hey all, welcome to musicjunkies_x a community dedicated to Bryan Greenberg, Hilarie Burton, and Tyler Hilton. This community is basically to appreciate these three actors/people.

Just some rules:
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If you have anything to contribute please feel free to post it.


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